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Aiming for Ivy Leagues
& Top 30 Universities

Breaking into an Ivy-league or the Top 30 Schools of the World is difficult! But it isn’t as difficult as most people imagine. With proper guidance, strategy, and preparation, one can surely get into these.

Top-notch universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton don’t admit students purely based on their grades. They want individuals who have great potential and can add immense value to their institution.

Mentored preps you up for the TOP 30 UNIVERSITIES across the globe. It covers all the UG, Masters & MBA programs. Principal advisors of this service are the alumnus of Duke University(MBA), Harvard (UG) and University of Chicago(UG).

Success Stories



With Mentored

  • Building your profile to suit the standards of these Universities.
  • Mentoring & guidance from current students or alumni of top universities like Duke, Chicago, Harvard, Cambridge, NUS, UCLA, PENN, BROWN etc.
  • Brainstorming sessions around essays, interviews, and application strategy to help you ace the Ivy-league process.
  • One-to-one personalized preparations to help every student strengthen their weaknesses and master their strengths.

What We Do

We Mentor
As Per Students Interest & Goals

It is a long established fact that a students potential reaches its highest peak only when their interest and goals are aligned with the career opportunities available. At Mentored, we consider each student to be unique and thus mentor them accordingly.