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Building Your Profile
With Mentored

When it comes to the best universities in the world, academic excellence isn’t enough. You must have diverse interests, impressive skills-sets, relevant internships etc. Mentored assists you in building an extraordinary profile that is hard for any college to miss.

Mentored works along with students to help them build a successful academic profile from scratch. This program is esigned to assist students (esp. 10th & 11th + undergraduate students) in formulating a comprehensive plan for achieving their higher-education goal.

We believe in starting right from the school. It is all about helping students find their passion, explore “their interests” with respect to future opportunities, and create a successful career path in life.

Success Stories

Building the Ground-level Strategy

  • Counsel students to help them find their interests
  • Encourage students to explore future career opportunities in their area of interest.
  • Strategize and create an in-depth & well-research career pathway that leads the students to their goals.
  • Identifying programs and universities that complement their academic, personal, and financial profiles.

We aren’t institution-focused but student-focused! This means your budget, country preference, interests, academic performance, and goals are always at the center of everything.

Putting the Strategy into Action

  • Develop a comprehensive time-bound action plan to achieve objectives.
  • Assist students in building a “Standout” Personal Profile.
  • Constant Constructive feedback to ensure students are on the right track.
  • Helping students sharpen their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Assist students to gain practical experience through internships.

You might have a prolific academic background. But sometimes, the universities you aim for put great value in “outside the classroom” activities. Mentored helps you strengthen your profile to stand out & shine!

An Insight Into
“How Mentored Structures Your Profile”



Our experts assist you in building a diverse profile. It covers all the aspects of academics, social work, entrepreneurial initiatives, sports, work experience through relevant internships and much more...

  • Assists you in validating your strengths with relevant & credible certificates.
  • Develop a well-rounded personality with diverse interests.
  • Regular interactions with Industry Experts.
  • Building entrepreneurial skills through the young entrepreneurs' club.
  • Nurturing social responsibility skills by joining community welfare programs.
  • Building the confidence to lead and change the world.
  • Opportunities to interact and get counselled with your dream college Alumni.
  • Building competitive skills through sports.
  • Fitness & nutrition guidance.

The earlier you start building your profile the better are your chances of breaking into the top 50 universities of the world.

What We Do

We Mentor
As Per Students Interest & Goals

It is a long established fact that a students potential reaches its highest peak only when their interest and goals are aligned with the career opportunities available. At Mentored, we consider each student to be unique and thus mentor them accordingly.