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For Institutions

Every School, College & University wants their students to get at the helm of their academics or career dreams, achieve and make a name for both themselves as well as the Institution.

But due to lack of professional-counselling, structure, and entrance test preparation at the institution, students have to seek external help.

Since students have to go to external coaching classes and counsellors to get admission at top universities, institutions lose their thunder.

We at Mentored intend to fill this gap by partnering with these institutions


Mentored helps institutions leverage best-in-class counselors, resources, and faculty to provide their students a holistic learning environment.

Our Services:

  • Career Counselling for Class 9th to 12th Students
  • Admission Counselling to Students for their Higher Education in India
  • Admission Counselling for Top Institutes of the World
  • Test Preparation for National Level Entrance Exam
  • Test Preparation for International Standardized Tests


How Mentored Can Help
Your Institution & Students Get Ahead Of The Competitive Curve

Plug & Play, we deliver education-based services that are easy to deploy. We come to your institutions and prepare students within the campus, as your partners.


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Benefits Of
Collaborating With Mentored

  • We come to your institution, ensuring students get both counselling & learning within the campus.
  • Our career experts prepare & counsel students in their area of interest.
  • Top faculty to prepare your students for national & international level Entrance Exams.
  • Bring eminent speakers from the industry to give students a real insight into & expertise on their field of interest.
  • Get student representatives from top international universities to answer students' questions around studying abroad.
  • Our experienced counsellors help students find & build a strong career around their passion.

Getting Mentored on-board is a win-win situation for both the institution as well as students. It’s time schools and colleges gave students a complete & holistic- Counseling + Test Prep leading to their dream careers.

What We Do

We Mentor
As Per Students Interest & Goals

It is a long established fact that a students potential reaches its highest peak only when their interest and goals are aligned with the career opportunities available. At Mentored, we consider each student to be unique and thus mentor them accordingly.