9th to 12th Students

Mentored / 9th to 12th Students


The right time for a student to start exploring his or her career pathways are the years which lead them in choosing their streams, post their Board results. Quite often such decisions are made as per the family' opinion, hot career options of that time, what a friend is choosing and many other reasons.

Strangely the students' interest, potential, attitude and aptitude are not explored enough or in a manner where they themselves discover their calling. We intend to change this, in a structured and process oriented way.

How Can We Help !

We at Mentored approach this problem in a way where we counsel and let the student explore & discover their own interest, potential and strengths; then taking the counseling to the next level of stream selection


International Education

Our Approach

  • Explore - Sharing information of wide variety of existing and future career paths. Making the student aware of what all is their to discover and make a career in.
  • Discover - Multiple and varied levels of IQ, EQ, Aptitude, Psychometric Test and discussions, enabling the student to discover their interests, strengths and aptitude.
  • Counsel - Interaction with the student throughout this journey and acting as a guide to connect their interest and potential with the career pathways.


What We Do

We Mentor
As Per Students Interest & Goals

It is a long established fact that a students potential reaches its highest peak only when their interest and goals are aligned with the career opportunities available. At Mentored, we consider each student to be unique and thus mentor them accordingly.